Os principais benefícios da ITIL®

Os principais benefícios da ITIL®

A AXELOS acaba de publicar um documento detalhado sobre os benefícios e aplicabilidade dos conceitos da ITIL®, tanto para as organizações quanto para os profissionais.

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ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.

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  1. Valentina disse:

    You asked: I continue to wonedr how best to map these IT service management concepts from the corporate culture to the work I do in a school district. In the UK we at Becta (the government agency which supports all four UK education departments in their strategic ICT developments) have been through this process with the ITIL resources and produced the which takes the ITIL processes but translates them to a (UK) school context. We’re seeing increasing take up over here it would be interesting to hear whether you feel these have value in the US? All of the documentation is available from the website if you’re interested.